Betting on fouls in soccer: features and proper analysis


Soccer is one of the sports where the confrontation between players has become not just a part of the process, but also a part of the coaches’ tactics. For example, small fouls can slow down the opponent’s attack, and an emotional player can be thrown off balance and cause a violent backlash, which will lead to a yellow card or a penalty.

When placing a bet at the bookmaker, you do not have to stick to the classic options, there are many others with which you can diversify your game. Many bookmakers offer all sorts of statistical bets: on the number of fouls, suspension of a player, penalties and other options. It is not difficult for experienced players to make football predictions for this type of bet, especially if they have the information and follow all the games of certain teams. Bets on fouls are quite popular because they are varied and predictable.

What is the difference between bets on fouls?

Bets on infractions are different from classic bets on scores, so you should use a slightly different approach when analyzing. Live mode is considered ideal for betting on fouls. In real time, you can objectively assess the situation on the field, understand the mood of the game, and how loyal the referee will be to the behavior of the players.

Also, many bettors make bets on the prematch field. This is due to the fact that bookmakers generally set high odds before the start of the game, and when the full lineups of the teams become known – the figures go down. With a competent preliminary analysis, players have the opportunity to make a more promising bet

How to conduct the analysis correctly?

Every bettor clearly understands that the more thoroughly the analysis of the upcoming meeting is made, the higher the chances of a successful bet. Therefore, in the process of analysis, those who plan to bet on fouls should pay attention to such moments:

  1. The level of the clubs. Equal teams are not prone to an excessive increase or decrease in the number of violations. But if the outsider plays with the favorite, then the meeting will probably be full of fouls. The weaker team may simply not have time to react to the pace of the opponent, which will lead to fouls.
  2. Gaming style. Each club has its own characteristics of the game. For example, some teams are aimed at preventing the opponent’s attacks, which often leads to more fouls. Other clubs actively use tactical fouls. All of these things should be taken into account.
  3. The number of fouls recorded is often directly related to the person of the referee. It is necessary to try to know his style of refereeing and to understand how loyal he is. It is necessary to study his statistics, especially in recent matches: the number of violations, yellow and red cards, suspensions.
  4. When playing in live mode, you should also take into account the timing. Often near the end of the match players are physically and mentally tired, which affects the result of the game and the number of mistakes made.
  5. The importance of the upcoming match. If we are talking about any multi-year rivalry between clubs, you can well expect a tough game.

You should always remember that the more relevant information a player collects and processes, the higher the chances of a successful bet. Therefore, it is necessary to give enough time to the collection of facts, focusing on the specifics of this type of betting.

Bets on fouls are a great chance to test your own analytical skills. In addition, it is an excellent option to take a risk and diversify your usual style of play. Moreover, bets on fouls are sometimes so unpredictable that even bookmakers make mistakes in assessing the outcome of events. This is actively used by experienced bettors who pay a lot of attention to analysis, know how to work with statistics and know where to find insider information.

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