Dealing with a Claims Delay and Denial from Berkshire


Berkshire Life Insurance is a subsidiary of Guardian Life Insurance Company of America. It underwrites all Guardian Life individual disability income insurance policies.  The company’s Berkshire ProVider Plus Disability Plan concentrates on own-occupation disability insurance. The policies are mainly targeting high-earning individuals who must protect themselves and their families when their income stops because of an injury or illness. Berkshire markets its disability insurance to professionals and white-collar occupations like dentists, accountants, doctors, executives, and major corporate personnel. 

Submitting a Claim to Berkshire

To submit a claim, you must fill out a form that requires your statement of disability, the statement of your employer if any, and the statement of your attending physician. You should expect to be asked to sign other authorization forms, particularly when you file a claim for long-term disability insurance. 

After completing the form and accurately filling it out, you can submit your claim online or by mail. When Berkshire receives your claim, they will send out a formal acknowledgment letter. 

What to Do if your Claim is Delayed

If you think that Berkshire is delaying your claim, reach out to the company to check on its status. It may be delayed because the company still requires additional paperwork. But, if you can’t get any real answers from the company, it may be time to speak with a Berkshire disability claims lawyer. A great lawyer can identify the delay tactics of the company and help move the process along, so you can get your benefits as quickly as possible. 

What to Do if the Claim is Denied

Berkshire has been denying a lot of claims. If you get a denial notice, review it carefully. Berkshire should tell you why it denied your claim. Also, the letter will tell you about your right to appeal, how to do so, and the deadline for filing the appeal. An experienced attorney can expertly handle appeals of denials from Berkshire. When you receive your denial notice, request a copy of the file from the insurance provider and bring the letter and file into the lawyer’s office. The attorney will review the documents and offer you an honest assessment of what you can do next. 

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