Know more about the online gambling


Any kind of gambling on the internet comes under the online gambling also known as e-gambling. This includes Poker, Rummy, horse racing betting and even sports gambling. In India the e-gambling became more popular because of easy access to the internet.


Online gambling is provided by many sites in India and these websites  or applications are accessible by anyone, all we need to have with us is – A Mobile phone, An internet connection and A credit or a debit card for money. Many applications in India too provide gambling in many games and some only provide a specific type of gambling, for example sports fantasy. We just need to debit our money from the bank and add it to the application’s wallet to participate in the game just like offline gambling.

Risks and Problems

These type of gambling may lead to too much addiction to a player, anyone can access online gambling sites and it is easier for him/her to play the game of money anytime.

The underage child can also have the access to these apps, they also might become addicted, as it is accessible more easily for them so it may be more addictive too.

Many frauds can be done or happen on these sites as there are not well-defined laws for these sites in many countries.

Data privacy.

And also who knows, whether these games have been played fairly or not, these apps also don’t ensure the fairness of the game.

Online gambling in India – future & legal status

After the easy access to the internet, India became the second-highest consumer of the internet in the world, also after the COVID-19 outbreak people started using more internet and started doing more cashless transactions and e-gambling sites have gained massive popularity.

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