Prepare your Kids with Martial Arts Based Training


We all know just how violent this world can be and no matter how passive you might be, you could find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time; this especially applies to youngsters. Whatever their ages, your children should learn the basics of self-defence, which could be life-saving and is a skill that stays with you throughout your life.

Mixed Martial Arts

MMA has exploded onto the scene in the past few years, with UFC bringing the best talent to our screens and MMA is not all about aggression; Brazilian Jui-Jitsu, for example, teaches you how to incapacitate an assailant. There is BJJ in Reading at a leading MMA training gym where instructors can help your kids to grasp the basics and who knows? They might end up with a black belt!

Direct Teenage Energy in a Positive Direction

We all know how puberty upsets the hormones and teenagers can get frustrated with life; training MMA directs their endless energy in a positive way and it happens to be a lot of fun. Start by Googling the nearest MMA gym and take the kids along to see what they think of the idea; best time to go is early evenings or weekends, when classes are running and the friendly atmosphere is welcoming.

Making New Friends

One thing is for sure, your kids will meet many like-minded teenagers and young adults when training MMA and you don’t want them hanging around with the wrong crowd. The management would never allow people to train for aggression outside the cage; there are thugs that try to get in, but they never last more than a single session and the trainers can spot them a mile away.

Developing Discipline

Training MMA develops self-discipline, which is something we all need and when youngsters start to develop discipline, this is character building at its best. Your children may have yet to be pushed to their limits physically and this is a chance to see how they hold up to gruelling physical activity.


This is the main reason to enrol your kids in an MMA training class and you’ll have peace of mind, knowing they have the ability to protect themselves; blocking punches and kicks become second nature and the ground game is perfect for disabling an attacker.

Start by sourcing your nearest MMA gym and take the kids for a visit and they will feel the energy vibe when they walk through the door. The management are friendly and your kids can try a class for free, which is perfect and if you fancy getting in shape, you could join them.

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