Looking for better ways to deal with debtors? Call a collection attorney! 

Looking for better ways to deal with debtors? Call a collection attorney! 

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A debtor, who is unwilling to pay, will use varied tactics to avoid making a payment. That does not mean that creditors should give. As the creditor, you can always choose to chase the debtor, but that is unlikely to yield anything, especially if the business or individual has no interest in paying the money. There are also collection agencies but do not mistake them for collection attorneys. A collection agency will chase the debtor for sure, and while they can file a credit report, they cannot sue the debtor or take legal action. Working with one of our skilled New York collection attorneys is your best way to get back your money and enforced judgments you have won. We are sharing more in this post as to how collection attorneys can help creditors. 

The need for litigation

There are many circumstances, where there is no way to get paid by a debtor, but take legal action. While some debtors may work on a solution fearing the litigation, others may still try to veil their assets and avoid making a payment. When you work with a collection attorney, you get the option of following the process through legal ways. Your attorney will check for ways and means a debtor is using to transfer assets so that the road to recovery is easier. Most collection attorneys will also do their part of the investigation from public and private sources, to know the real worth of a debtor. Regardless of whether who owns you the money, your collection attorney is capable of getting back the debts you are owed. 

Finding the collection attorney in NY

Not all lawyers deal in debt collection, and you need someone who is experienced, known, and reliable. Ask them about some of the top cases they have handled, and their standard approach, especially when a debtor is a company or business, and owners refuse to take responsibility. Experienced collection attorneys have the understanding of what it takes to get rid of the corporate veil, where needed so that owners can be held responsible for the debts. You can ask the collection attorney for references, check what other clients have to say about them, and discuss the fee before taking the final call. 

Meet an attorney in-person to know if they are the right option for handling your debtors, especially when you are working extensively on credit and a bunch of defaulters. 

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