Important Tools For The Shipping And Marine Industries


These Are The Most Important Tools For The Shipping/Marine Industries

Sea lovers find shipping/marine work to be very rewarding. However, working on the open ocean can involve difficult labor. Such labor is made possible by the use of heavy machines. These are some of the most beneficial machines for those who work on the open water.

Industrial Winches

You might have seen advertisements for industrial winches for sale. But what are industrial winches exactly? A winch is a motorized machine that reels in heavy cable. They are used to pull or lift heavy objects. Industrial winches are the strongest winches on the market and are used to pull/lift the heaviest objects. This makes them ideal for use on boats, where heavy lifting/pulling is common. There are two types of winches: crank and electric. As you can imagine, crank winches are less powerful than electric winches and are primarily used to pull up an anchor, raise/lower a sail, or move a mast. For bigger jobs, electric winches are required. Electric winches are often used to load and unload heavy cargo, or for lifting the anchor of an enormous vessel (such as a tanker). If you are in the shipping industry, be on the lookout for industrial winches for sale.

Container Cranes

If you have ever been to a major port, you have likely seen container cranes in action. These massive cranes are truly a sight to behold. Container cranes (also known as ship-to-shore cranes) are used for loading and unloading container terminals onto and off of ships. These container terminals are typically attached to trains or semi trucks for shipment around the continent. Container cranes contain a special handling tool called a spreader provided by a third party.

A spreader can expand and contract to align with the four corners of a given container. Once the spreader is affixed to the container, the container is hoisted off the ship. The container then slides down a track so that it can be lowered onto a train or truck (this process is reversed when a container is being shipped out). Container cranes can handle loads of several tons. Modern shipping would not be possible without container cranes.

Safety Equipment

While working on the open ocean can be a dangerous job, equipment helps mitigate the risks associated with marine work. Navigational equipment includes many of the same items that are to be found on most other industrial sites, including:

●      Hard Hats

●      Steel Toed Boots

●      Safety Goggles

Given the risk of drowning that is associated with marine work, there are also safety items that are unique to the industry, including life jackets. Other important safety products for the industry include fire extinguishers, flares, and flashlights. Other safety products may be required depending on the specifics of the job or working environment. Safety products allow shipping and other maritime companies to increase productivity without compromising worker safety. As with any other industry, extensive training and safety audits are required. On the high seas, safety should always come first.

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