Guide for beginners- Choosing a Bong


While purchasing a bong is a genuinely individual choice, realizing how to pick the right bong can distinguish between a fantastic smoking encounter and a messy bone. Regardless, there is a significant variable that any smoker, from the novice to the boss, can consider when selecting another bong. This blog will contend them exhaustively before sharing some of the noncausal bongs. Regarding picking a bong, the principal decisions you’ll need to make are the material, shape, and size. Before buying a bong at an online head shop, it is essential to know the right one for you!

Bong Material

Ostensibly the main thought before making a purchase of any bong is the material that it’s made out of. There are a wide range of choices out there ranging from, glass, plastic, silicone, earthenware, bamboo etc. Bamboo is cherished for its supportability. Plastic is cheapie and tough also, yet smokers say that it’ll provide a synthetic taste when utilizing them.

Glass Consistency

The consistency of the glass majorly affects both the usage and the heaviness of the bong. Regarding bongs, the surface is estimated in millimeters and reaches from around 2 millimeters on the slender end and 9 millimeters on the thicker side. Glass thickness involves customized inclination; however, there are distinct advantages and disadvantages to the polychromatic choices. Fundamental experts propose a bong somewhere in the range of 3 and 9 millimeters, as anything slenderer than that is undeniably more inclined to break and is too sensitive to even think about holding up.

Diverse Base and Bong Shapes

While there is a numerous variety of bong shapes, untold ones are the most famous. The shape of the bong is a clear factor in the smoking experience, as it controls the course the stink takes as it goes through the bong.

Cylinder bases-Cylinder bases are ordinarily the cliché shape most extreme individuals assume when making a choice for bongs. They’re long and straight with a portly neck, and they have a down stem. They’re ordinarily genuinely easy to use, which is why they keep on being so famous with novice smokers similar to the talented.

Twisted neck bases– While the base of the twisted neck bong is either a challis or a cylinder, the distinction comes in the way that the bong’s neck is unknown. Multiple novice smokers incline towards twisted neck bases since they provide a great room to the smoker’s face.

Bong Size

While the usage of the bong size is dependent totally upon privy inclination, other factors during smoking can influence the smoking experience. Bigger bongs additionally have bigger estimated chambers, making them a much better choice to use for more experienced smokers. The responsibility also involves a brand-new area that has to be gutted, which may prove challenging for individuals unfamiliar with bongs. New smokers, however, find that small bongs are easier to use and less cluttered. Regardless, it is generally mentioned that day by day, bongs are utilized under two nadirs. Smaller bongs appeal to less capable addicts since they also contain the most significant amount of ingredients that should be gutted.

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