Agua info: how much water should I put in my percolator bong?


For new bong users, it can be difficult to know how much water to put into your apparatus. After all, it is made up of a variety of components, with each reaching a different level in the model and thus presenting potential places to stop filling with water.

For the purpose of this blog, we will be looking at the best percolator bongs for sale Australia has to offer. These models are fantastic as their design helps break down the smoke into smaller bubbles which in turn creates a cooler, smoother smoke.

However, you can’t just go filling the water up to any old line, and so we have created this little piece to help you fill your new model to exactly the right level for producing the best smoke:

How far do I fill my new apparatus?

 You want to have the best experience with every hit, but percs can be harder to fill as they often come with numerous chambers and percolators that you will have to fill with water.

Percs are able to function much easier and create a much better smoking experience when they are able to cycle the water all the way through.

You don’t want to add too much water, as overfilling your perc can cause splashback. You want the perc and down stem submerged in about half an inch of water as this creates the best smoke without all the splashback.

How to fill your percolator

 Fill the perc through the mouthpiece until the water is submerged – you can also fill with water through the down stem hole. This can make it harder to tell if the right amount of water has gone into the chamber, but you basically want to insert the down stem so you can measure how much water is in your chamber – this is important when it comes to getting the coolest, smoothest hits as you want the water to be able to cycle.

When it comes to beaker percs, these standard water pipes comprise a large water chamber with a skinny mouthpiece, and they get their names from the glass shapes that resemble high school science beakers.

This is how you fill your beaker perc:

  1. Pour the water through the bong’s mouthpiece;
  2. Fill the perc until the percs or down stem are covered with half an inch of water;
  3. Ensure your down stem’s air slits are covered with water, too.

Why do I need to get the levels right?

 Having the right amount of water is imperative to receiving smooth hits. The optimal benefit is that the water is filtered from resin, ash, tar and other unwanted toxins. The right water level also makes it cooler as the water absorbs the heat from lighting the herb.

The smoke is therefore easier to inhale whilst providing a much larger hot. People can make their experience even cooler by inserting an ice catcher into their perc.

We recommend testing your perc before taking a proper hit

 You don’t want to go straight in for a big hit only to find out you haven’t filled the levels properly. Instead, we recommend taking a small test hit to ensure that there is no splashback and that you are set to receive a cool vaping experience.

Once you find that there is no splashback coming from the beaker then you are good to go with your cutting-edge perc model.

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