A Guide to Sourcing a Stairlift Supplier 


Let’s say that you are getting on in years and climbing those stairs is becoming a little challenging; what to do? The first step is to locate an established supplier of new and used stairlifts; the Internet can help you find the website of a company that supplies and installs a stairlift in Redditch and offers full servicing.

Make an appointment online

The supplier would be happy to schedule a home appointment when you can both sit down together and discuss the many options. The technician can measure up, give you a quote and answer any questions you might have. Once everything is agreed upon, accurate measurements are taken and you will receive an installation date. The supplier will give you instructions for the preparation and the installation is typically completed in a single day.

Full tuition

The team would show you how to operate the stairlift and only when they are sure you are competent, would they take their leave. Service calls can be booked via the supplier’s website and should there ever be any issues, you have a hotline to the engineer.

Buy or rent

You can choose to purchase a unit or to rent one, it depends upon your needs; if you have an elderly relative coming to stay for a couple of months, rent a stairlift for that duration and the team will uninstall it when the time comes.

Having a home service is very convenient and the stairlift will perform whenever you need it.

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