Which VW Van Is Best for Camping?


The Volkswagen camper van is undoubtedly one of the most recognisable examples of a camper vanv seen anywhere around the globe. It was the beginning of the van life scene, in which people who already lived in vans, surfers, and adventure junkies used vans to get away for the weekend while still having everything they needed.

After many years of innovation, the VW camper van has gotten an upgrade that was much needed in both engine and technology. However, the question remains, which one is the best for you?

Looking at the VW Caddy

You can get this in different versions, one of which comes with more than 60 centimetres of additional space and allows you to add a standard bed, kitchen space, and other amenities. The VW Caddy is essentially a smaller version of the VW Transporter and resembles a VW Golf.

Everything is much more compact. The addition of a pop-top by a camper conversion company will complete your vehicle’s transformation into the ideal little camper.

VW Transporter for Camping

If you are searching for a little camper that can carry you everywhere your heart wants in a compact form factor, the VW Transporter Kombi is the one you should buy rather than any other model. People who wish to go through narrow rural lanes but are on a tight budget may find that the future VW Crafter is too large of a vehicle for their needs, while those who have families may find that the Volkswagen Caddy is too tiny for their needs.

We recommend that you choose a Volkswagen T4 or an earlier model since it will have fewer issues and will be more reliable. In addition, you may still enjoy all of the benefits of being able to perform your own do-it-yourself conversion if you want, or you can purchase one that is fully outfitted.

Consider the VW Crafter

Because it’s essentially a panel van that can be pimped out, the Volkswagen Crafter is, without a doubt, an excellent choice for a camper van. If space is a must, the Volkswagen Crafter is an excellent option for a van purchase.

If you want to begin everything from scratch, you should choose the Volkswagen Crafter. You may locate them with nothing on the inside, which means that if you want to perform the conversion yourself, you can do so on your own.



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