Steps on How Car Shipping Works


If you’re preparing to move, consider shipping your car. If so, you may have many questions about how this process works.

Fortunately, a compiled quick guide below shows you how vehicle shipment is made so you can be confident in your decision.


If you’re considering shipping your car, a few things must be done. These include selecting a company, choosing a shipment method, and planning when your vehicle will be shipped.

The first step is to get a quote from a few different auto transport companies. Often, these companies have a quote form on their websites that can be completed in just a few minutes. You can enter the vehicle make, model, pick-up, and delivery locations to get a quote instantly.

Once you have your quotes, choose the best company for you. It is essential to be sure that you are working with a reputable company to avoid any issues later.

It is also essential to book car shipments as early as possible. The earlier you can ship your vehicle, the cheaper it will be. Therefore, book your car shipping at least 2-4 weeks before you want it shipped.

After a date is set, the company will call you to let you know that they’re on their way and will pick up your car. It is called door-to-door shipping, and it’s the most convenient option for customers.

Sometimes, the driver will meet you at home to pick up the vehicle. It is a good option for people moving from one home to another or for people who have moved out of state.

The carrier will then load the car onto their trailer and deliver it to the location of your choice. The carrier will need your keys to get your vehicle on and off the truck, so be sure you have those when the car is picked up.

Once the car is loaded, the truck will travel to your destination, and you can expect it to be delivered to your home in a few days. You can usually track your shipment online and use GPS technology to monitor it.

Once the car arrives at its destination, you must sign a bill of lading that will confirm what happened during the transport process. In addition, it will ensure that you’re not charged for damages that were not intentional.


Car shipment is a process that involves many different people and steps. But whether you’re moving to another city or need to get your car across the country, auto shipping is an excellent option.

Regardless of your choice, getting your car loaded and unloaded correctly is essential. It can prevent damage and increase the vehicle’s resale value.

To ensure your vehicle is securely positioned on the trailer, spread it evenly to maintain a balanced center of gravity. Place heavy items near the center and light items on the sides of the trailer.

If your vehicle isn’t loaded correctly, it could fall off the trailer and cause severe injuries to other vehicles or passengers on the road. It can also result in expensive repairs and lowered resale values for your car.

While ensuring your vehicle is loaded safely and securely can be challenging, it’s not impossible. Just be sure to keep your vehicle’s owner’s manual in mind.

Checking your trailer’s maximum weight limit is also a good idea. Typically, you can load your vehicle on a trailer for up to 25,000 pounds.


Car shipment is a process that involves moving cars from one location to another. These shipments can be for personal use or business. It is a convenient transportation method, but it can be expensive and time-consuming.

The first stage in the shipping procedure is to locate a trustworthy and dependable automobile shipping business. It can be done by reading reviews on a company’s website or through referrals from friends and family.

Once a company is chosen, consumers must provide information about the vehicle that needs to be shipped. These details include the car’s make, model, year, and condition. They will also need to provide the pick-up and delivery locations.

Consumers can request company quotes by filling out a form online or over the phone. In addition, some companies offer quote calculators that allow customers to enter basic information about their vehicle and receive an instant price.

In general, rates for auto transport tend to spike in January and during the summer, when car transport companies receive the most demand. If you can avoid these busy times, you can save money on your shipping costs.

Regardless of your chosen company, checking their insurance records and complaints is essential. In addition, it would be best to read about their experience in the shipping industry.

There are two major types of car shipments: door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal. A company that offers door-to-door service picks up your car from your home or business and brings it to a predetermined drop-off point near your destination. It is the least expensive option but can take a few days.

Some auto transport companies will pick up your car from your home or business and drop it off at a terminal location where other vehicles are being shipped. It allows them to send many cars simultaneously, lowering their overall costs. However, this method can take longer and is unsuitable for vehicles with unique features.


There are a lot of steps, people, and planning involved in car shipment. As a result, you may feel overwhelmed and need help figuring out where to start. However, there are some things you can take to guarantee that the auto-shipping process runs as smoothly as possible.

One of the considerations is the distance between the pick-up and delivery points. But, again, it can affect how quickly you can get your vehicle delivered, so it’s important to schedule the shipping as soon as you know when you’ll need it.

You’ll also want to make sure that you remove any loose items from your car before the auto transporter arrives. It will keep your vehicle from bouncing around on the trailer and protect your belongings from being damaged or stolen during transport.

Lastly, you’ll want to review your driver’s bill of lading before accepting the car at its destination. It will allow you to document any damages that were done during the transportation process. In addition, it will make filing a claim more accessible and ensure your insurance is covered.

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