Problems of using pdf and why you have to convert it


Should you use pdf to word online or avoid it? The following problems regarding use of pdf might make you see the need of converting your pdf format to another format that is more users friendly.

It is hard to track reader engagement

With pdf documents, there is lack of collecting data. You might be able to see the various times that it was downloaded from your landing page but you will not know what was done with it afterwards. It is impossible to see the number of people read or the length they were engaged on it. it is hard to find out which topics and pages that were found to be interested.  It is impossible to know the links which were clicked on. You cannot track if it was just downloaded in a folder and left there.

When you use a pdf for content used in a business, it introduces a massive black hole in the journey data for your customer, a space that is blank where you have intelligence that is zero.  It is one of the main reasons that you need to convert pdf to another format. It is because you will be clueless on whether your content is performing, you will find it hard to improve on it or be optimize it.

And because you are unable to see the engagement of the readers on your document, it will be hard for you to implement the kind of lead personalized or scoring follow-up. Those who open it 10 times and try to read each page will end up on the same bucket of engagement like the ones who just downloaded and did nothing with the content. In a world where action on marketing is supposed to be measured, you will not afford using a format that you will not be in a position to track.

They are boring, static, and don’t allow for multimedia that is embed

Overload of content is known to be quite a big problem. In today’s world, it is only the well-produced, aesthetically pleasing content which ends up getting through to the readers. And it is something that is on top with the B2B world also where the habits of business buying becomes more similar to the habits of the at-home consumables. As per the IBM, 80% of the buyers on B2B tend to expect the same experience of buying as the customers on B2C.

The pdfs allow you to include hyperlinks and images, but that is how far it goes. When it comes to the aesthetics, they might be laid nicely in an InDesign, but this is of less value unless you are intending to create materials which are printed. When you have audience who consume content behind their desks or on their hones, the design choices might become a great hindrance.

In today’s world, the audience tend to prefer visually snackable, immersive content. They want to have videos as well as bits of information that are bite-sized

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