MetaTrader 5 Web trading services through the best brokerage firm – AmBroker


The MetaTrader 5 web platform is an excellent choice for those who wish to start with forex trading or futures. Using the right platform, you can access the markets directly on the web and mobile without having to install a separate application.

Why opt for MetaTrader 5? 

Using the above platform on AmBroker website, you can analyze quotes regarding financial instruments, perform trade operations and even access the history of the trades.

  • No need of installation

The web platform when used with AmBroker operates without any additional software or browser extension. The same is compatible with all operating systems and all you need is an internet connection.

  • Flexible trading system

The MetaTrader 5 features two major position accounting systems – 

  • Netting – Only one common position for a symbol at the same time
  • Hedging – multiple open positions of one and the same symbol
  • Reliability of data 

Using AmBroker to transmit information has various advantages. The platform is secured using encryption. This also enhances the protect method through the right use of two factor authentication sign-in.

  • Enhanced trading operations

You can place any type of market and orders, trade in currencies, stocks, features with a single click using a chart or market depth.

You can also analyze the price charts with specific technical indicators and graphical objects that can be accessed at any time.

  • Multilingual interface 

The robust and user-friendly interface is available in 41 languages. The same is further able to detect specific customer languages.

Starting trade on the financial markets using AmBroker

Using the AmBroker platform, you can immediately start trading on the financial markets using any web browser. The platform immediately puts you in charge of your long term or short-term global trading and investment decisions.

Likewise, using the mobile app designed for Android systems, you can access the services conveniently through the smartphone or tablet. As a result, you can connect with the AmBroker servers, analyze various charts, calendars and execute the final trade operations based on your decisions.

Benefits of AmBroker 

  • It is a powerful trading system that comes with features like separate trading and ordering accounts, support services and other modes of execution.
  • When using forex trading, the order accounting follows a hedging Method. This helps you to open several positions in either the same or opposite direction for an instrument.
  • When used with MT5 systems, it supports four order execution methods namely –
  • Request
  • Market
  • Instant
  • Exchange

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