How PRC Building Services will soon be upgrading your property ready for business


At last, after looking around you have found somewhere that suits your small baking business. What started as a solo operation has gradually progressed and there is now you and another three employees.

The problem is that the building is in a bit of a state. You are fortunate to have just come into some money, so you can afford some works, so it’s fit for purpose. A friend while out walking highly recommends going to speak to the professionals at PRC Building Services, and after a little bit of research you will follow her advice.

  • You wanted to in situ as soon as possible so finding a company who is expertise in emergency repairs and restorations was just what you are looking for. It will be an invaluable service to rely on in the future too, so that your production can continue unaffected if the weather takes hold and causes any undue damage, knowing that an instant inspection will be carried out and a quotation offered.
  • The firm that you have selected has tremendous expertise in roofing. With your business being in the food and catering sector, it is essential that your roof is secure and leak proof. That is the first thing that you will ask them to inspect and carry out a new metal installation if required.
  • Another invaluable service that will be performed will be an inspection to detect if there is any asbestos in the building. Should it be found, then only companies with a government license, such as the team you’re bringing in, are permitted to carry out its removal, which will be done safely and effectively to government standards.
  • While roofing is their main game, you can also rely upon your chosen company to carry out several other tasks to the highest professional standards. Up there as a priority are some roller doors to protect your property, which is an excellent area for trading.
  • You will also ask for the use of their carpentry services, so that you have quality work surfaces to prepare the food on. The toilet certainly needs an upgrade to meet hygiene standards, while the office could do with a refurbishment to portray a more professional outlook. All will be performed to the highest standards.

Bringing in PRC Building Services will soon have your restored, and upgraded property fit to start production with all works carried out on time and to budget.


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