Best paint by number kits for adults


So you are interested in the Paint by numbers for Adults, why so? The paint by numbers sets are normally an outline of an image which comes with a number that corresponds to a shade of paint. It was first developed by a paint company as a marketing strategy.

The inspiration came through a Detroit based Palmer show car Paint Company’s employee, Dan Robbins who was inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, who used to number patterns for the use by his apprentices. By the mid-1950s, kits were all over on the shelves.

Though there are some people who have viewed the phenomenon to be exemplary of the midcentury conformism, the kits by Robbins didn’t only introduce countless amateur artist to placing canvas to brush joyfully, but as well as it brought the possibility of having to display artwork that were hand-painted to several households which would not be able to afford them in the first place. The product which was ubiquitous is now mainly marketed towards adults as a mindful, relaxing acting in the vein of mandalas and coloring books.

The following are some of the best paint by number kits for adults:

Faber Castell Museum series paint by numbers

By use of high-quality materials for art, Faber-Castell makes aggravation-free, simple paint by number kits which will leave you with a replica that is quite satisfying of a work by a great master such as Vincnt Van Gogh or Georges Seurat.

The emphasis is on being able to learn paint techniques and utilize an online video which can teach you on the strokes that are relevant which will help you in getting a result that is authentic.  The kits make small work of about 6 inches by 8 inches which can be completed in an hour.

The features of the canvas panel outlines but no numbers which are annoying to be able to show through the paint. It instead has a separate pattern guide. The paintbrush and the acrylic paint are artist grade and as a bonus, it includes a hang tab as well as an easel pop out for display.

Pink Picasso sensitive succulent kit

If you are the type who loves challenges, then this makes a photorealistic paint by numbers to go for which requires a great hand and about 12 hours in order to complete it. Once you complete it, you will have a hyper-realistic painting of fresh and bright succulent which will be able to wow your friends and at the same time, even surprise you.

The kit comes with 4 brushes of various sizes for filling even in the sections which are tiny and they also sell refills for the colors in a separate if one happens to dry up before you finish your painting.

Personalized texture of dreams by paint by number kit

It is a work that is hand-painted which makes it to be a great gift, but what of an image that is hand-painted of something personal to the recipient? Whether you are doing the painting for a loved one or for yourself, all you have to do is take a high-res photograph of a special moment of your pet of whatever you feel like painting by numbers and a printed stretched canvas together with the colors will be sent to you so that you turn the memory to become a keepsake

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